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hello there! welcome to starlost, my personal corner of the internet dedicated to everything i love! this also serves as a place for me to freely express myself and practice with coding. i hope you enjoy your visit :3

update log

11/16/23 starlost v.3!! i think i like this theme more than the previous one :3
11/5/23 added links page
10/31/23 revamped about me layout and added not found page :] new page coming soon too
10/7/23 new about me page yippeee
9/11/23 starlost v.2 is up!! :3 srry 4 disappearing fir like 2 months lol
7/4/23 added collections page and figures page
7/2/23 added about me page
6/22/23 finished homepage
6/8/23 started working on the site
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