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about me
hai hai im mio :] im the webmaster of this lil site! im not good at talking about myself, but i hope you can learn more about me by exploring this site ^^ i started learning html in 2022 and i discovered neocities and made my website later that year! i only really started updating my site earlier this year though because my knowledge of html was very limited when i made my site. i named my site starlost after one of my favorite songs by stray kids :3

animanga jjk, hxh, csm, aot, tokyo revengers, sk8, ao haru ride, asagao to kase san, mp100, promare, haikyuu, fmab

games animal crossing, pjsk, honkai star rail, tloz, the sims 4, genshin impact, silent hill, the last of us, kirby, pokemon

music lamp, pierce the veil, linkin park, ichiko aoba, schoolgirl byebye, serani poji, spiritbox, slipknot, 800 cherries, wave to earth, malice mizer, the gazette

kpop seventeen, stray kids, ateez, txt, enhypen, loona, aespa, red velvet

characters futaba yoshioka, killua, gon, satoru gojo, yuji itadori, yuta okkotsu, asa mitaka, mikey, osaka, misa amane, rui kamishiro, mizuki akiyama, emu otori, masyumaro, moppu, cinnamoroll